You may request access from your student to see his or her official course and academic information via the Parent Portal after students have registered for classes and the semester is underway. Your student must waive his or her FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) rights via the Parent Portal in order to give you access to the information. Your student may revoke your access to this information at any time, also via the Parent Portal. 

To send a request, go to “Student Connect,” and click on “Connect to Student.” You’ll be prompted to enter your student’s New School email address, your relationship to the student, and which types of information you would like to access (e.g., student status, enrollment, GPA, course schedule, etc.). Your request will then be listed as a pending request in “Student Connect.”

Your student will receive an email notification of your request, and he or she will be able to review and approve or deny the request. If your student has approved your request, you will be able to view your student’s information by navigating to “Student Connect;” and clicking on the “Approved” request.