The New School Parent Portal is an online experience for parents, family members, and other student supporters, providing an easy and effective way to connect to your student, campus, and the university community. Stay up to date on key information and dates, browse university and college parent content that will help you best support and have open dialog with your student, and get to know other parents in the community. The portal also allows you to request access official information about your student’s status, courses, enrollment, schedules, and grades, all of which require student approval. 

Some key features include:

  • News, articles, events, important dates, and other content of interest to you and your student

  • Parent directory, where you can find and interact with other members of the Parent Portal

  • Access to your student’s schedule, enrollment information, and GPA (requires your student’s permission to view)

  • Periodic newsletters via email

  • Real-time messages and alerts from university officials via email